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Greeny Towels brand was started in 2017 by a group of young entrepreneurs. The founders were already working in organic clothing and textiles industry since 2012. They wanted to make sure that the towels are best in quality, utility, features and they should be environment-friendly at the same time. Using their years of expertise in the towel and textile manufacturing, they started their research in 2014. After almost 3 years of extensive research and several trials with numerous yarns fibres, fabrics and styles, finally, the Greeny Towels were born.

The Journey

Developing the best towels can never be an easy task. We have chosen the very best suppliers, manufacturers and dyers for each stage of the supply chain.

The fibres are spun into yarn southern state of Tamil Nadu in India. High quality spun yarn is then transported almost 2000 Km to the North Indian state of Punjab. Here the towel fabric is developed at a manufacturing unit specialising in developing terry fabric made from unique thread count and fibres like the one used in our towels. The ready fabric is then sent to West Indian state of Gujarat for Herbal Dyeing.

We use patented herbal dyeing process where are the herbs used in the dyeing processes have proven medicinal benefits. These herbs have been used in ancient Indian dyeing techniques historically.

Fibres of Nature

Natural fibres can provide some exceptional features to any fabric that are better than artificial fibres. Our chosen fibres, Bamboo Viscose and Organic Cotton. These fibres are obtained from plants that are grown without using any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Fabric made from bamboo viscose is super soft, antibacterial, quick-drying and more absorbent. You will find these features in Greeny Towels.

We Say No To Synthetic Dyes

Synthetic chemical dyeing is currently one of the most common and most environmentally polluting and harmful processes in the world. Toxic wastewater from fabric dyeing factories is often released into the environment, due to inefficiencies and lack of proper dye removal and water treatment processes. This gives rise to a myriad of health and environmental problems, especially for the surrounding communities and animal populations.

Synthetic chemical dyes may cause skin rashes and other problems, as your skin is in constant contact with the dyed fabric. In serious cases, synthetic chemical dyes in clothing may even lead to skin cancer. When you realize that commercial chemical dyeing processes use over 8000 chemicals throughout its manufacturing


As an answer to today’s outdated, chemical-intensive and environmentally harmful textile production processes, we’ve chosen to focus on using our patented herbal dyeing methods that are 100% chemical free.

These herbal dyes are an ancient Indian tradition that has been passed down from generations before us. Not only are our natural herbal dyes environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, they also have a positive impact on your health, thanks to their medicinal properties. Each colour has its specific benefits and significance inspired by the traditional Indian way of healthy living.