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GIBIE Towels have been developed from natural fibres and embody ancient Indian Dyeing Technique of Ayurvastra where the towels are dyed in Ayurvedic herbs that are known to provide numerous health benefits.

Ayurvastra is a branch of ancient Indian system of medicines called Ayurveda. It functions through the principle of touch: as our skin comes in contact with the herb-infused fabric, the body develops increased metabolism and rids itself of toxins.

Ayurveda identifies seven unique layers of the skin where each layer has a distinct function. Starting from the outermost layer, the seven layers defined by Ayurveda are Avabhasini, Lohita, Shweta, Tamra, Vedini, Rohini and Mamsadhara.

The fourth layer, Tamra, supports the immune system and performs the function of acting as a barrier. Skin infections reflect an imbalance in this layer. The Ayurvastra cloth can improve the skin’s ability to act as a barrier to external and environmental toxins.

Unique construction

Piles of the towels are made from ultra-soft bamboo fibre. Since, the piles are in contact with our skin whenever we use a towel, the Bamboo yarn provides a luxurious touch and feel. Bamboo absorbs more water than cotton making our towels up to 1.4 times more absorbent than any other towel.



  • A healthier option for skin
  • Resists the growth of bacteria
  • UV Resistant
  • Odour resistant
  • More absorbent
  • Quick drying
  • Environment-friendly
  • Super soft and luxurious.


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